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One-Time Registration Fee

Full Time (M-F)

Part Time

$50.00 per child

6 wk-24 mo          $175.00/wk
2-3 year old          $165.00/wk
4-5 year old          $155.00/wk

2 day option           $70.00/wk
3-day option           $105.00/wk

Tuition payments are withdrawn every Tuesday for the following week.

Example: Payment on Tuesday, March 3, is the tuition for March 9-13 (M-F)

Tuition Express is the required form of payment at Harvest Kids Christian Daycare. Tuition Express offers parents the ability of tuition being automatically charged to their credit card every Tuesday for the upcoming week. Parents will not have to be concerned with late payments due to it being automatically charged each time. In the case of a declined card, a $20.00 fee and possible disenrollment of your child will occur.

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